What is Unalome?

(Noun) uh-nuh-lō-muh 

A Tibetian symbol representing an individual’s transcendence on this planet. 

Unalome is an embodiment of our existence, an awareness of being alive, the core purpose of life. It involves analyzing, understanding and learning from our inherent actions to reach the core sphere of benevolence. Because kindness is a cosmic calling! 

Unalome represents the path each person takes through their life – straight, circular, winding, unknown. A path partly gravelled with anxiety, fear and doubts – partly smoothened with love, affection and joy. This path of each life begins at the center of a spiral, which represents the way we are trapped in our own doubts and darkness, longing and loneliness, fears and follies. As the path unfolds, the mind deep dives into clarity, liberating itself from the ceaseless cycles of suffering. 

Only when you look at yourself from an objective standpoint, you will realize how entangled you are in the web of emotions. The mind is capable of mayhem and magic. And we being mere humans tend to give in to it’s tantrums, making the same mistakes over and over again. Abandoning this cycle is a not easy. 

A mechanical spiral we are oscillating in, unable to let go, unable to break the patterns, unable to find home. 

The pursuit of enlightenment is what straightens the line of the spiral. The symbol of Unalome is a visual metaphor of this journey inward: the ultimate purpose and culmination of our search for awareness.

Unalome manifests the uncertainty of life. No matter how conveniently we ignore the final truth, refuse to perceive it, it still exists in all its enormity. And that is the truth is the supreme reward life bestows on us. 

Unalome is an experience of enlightened existence.

And what makes it even more powerful is that it demystifies enlightenment, so much so, it reaches every soul who seeks freedom.

Unalome Team:


“That magic you have been waiting for is inside you. It has always been inside you. Now you be the magician and allow that magic to happen.”

Sneha Shendre Solanki

“I am complete within myself. I do not seek the above and beyond. I am all of it.”

Monika Kapoor

“Flow. Experience life unfold in all its grandeur. Faith will replace fear, courage will replace anxiety. Happiness is you.”

Manjit Kumar

“I have learnt to complete my day before i sleep so that if i don't get up there is nothing left incomplete.”

Sukhleen Kaur

“When you cannot ignore that spark within you, when you cannot distract yourself anymore, when you are asking yourself the questions you need answers for, just know that change is coming your way.”

Lovepreet Singh

“I am free. This space in me is my platform to create anything and everything that I wish to be.”

Siddharth Shah

“Yes, you can fly. Question is, are you willing to try?”

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