Siddharth Shah


“Yes, you can fly.

Question is, are you willing to try?”

Siddharth is an engineer and holds an MBA degree. His work involves building products. An inherent art lover, he has also been associated with theatre, photography and videography. 

The Unalome Project is a way for me to pay it forward – to make this opportunity available to everyone. It has helped me take ownership of my life. It has given me the wherewithal to redesign my life the way I want it. It has made life playful.

Sukhleen Kaur


“When you cannot ignore that spark within you, when you cannot distract yourself anymore, when you are asking yourself the questions you need answers for, just know that change is coming your way.”

Sukhleen has done her B.Sc in animation after which she worked as a visual merchandiser. She has also been associated with theatre for close to 3 years and has been a part various plays performed in Bangalore.

Unalome for me is a pure space to share what I need to share with the world. For me it is a place where I am my best, it is freedom. This path gave me clarity, a new perception, an intimate community and an authentic new life!

Lovepreet Singh


“I am free. This space in me is my platform to create anything and everything that I wish to be.”

Lovepreet has a bachelor degree in business management. He is a marketing professional with an expertise is digital marketing and business designing. He believes in manifesting every unique facet of life through self love and deep awareness.

Unalome taught me to set the “I” free. It is an awakening call, a liberating experience. Believe me, it is life changing.



That magic you have been waiting for is inside you. It has always been inside you. Now you be the magician and allow that magic to happen.”

Kavery has been a part of an IT company as a technical support engineer. Apart from IT job, she is into fitness, lifting kettlebells and trekking, literally and metaphorically.

Unalome to me is a rebirth. A complete transformation. Unalome to me is to empty myself completely and create a new self, which is in constant change and the journey is always on. Being with unalome is home.

Sneha Shendre Solanki


“I am complete within myself. I do not seek the above and beyond. I am all of it.”

Sneha is fashion design graduate from National institute of Fashion technology. She has been working with art-centric design houses and several brands like lifestyle, Fab India and Arwind.

Unalome keeps me close to the realization that life is full of experiences and every platform is a dance of joy.The process leaves you humbled, the expression empowers you to open up. Love and empathy has empowered me like never before.

Monika Kapoor


“Flow. Experience life unfold in all its grandeur. Faith will replace fear, courage will replace anxiety. Happiness is you.”

Monika has masters in Customer Relations Management and has been working in areas of data insights and analytics since last two decades. She heads Data Services in a health-tech organization. 

Unalome is helping me to bring harmony with myself, allowing me to see life in a completely different light. I am learning to deal graciously with fears of my past and anxieties of my future. I am accepting everything with open arms, one moment at a time.

Manjit Kumar

Manjit Kumar

“I have learnt to complete my day before i sleep so that if i don’t get up there is nothing left incomplete.”

Manjit is a commerce student who tried his hand at modeling, marketing, share markets and food business. The joy of exploring and experiencing different things is what keeps Manjit going. He has been involved in self work through Toast Masters, Landmark Education, Vipasanna and Unalome Project. 

Unalome project made me realize that enlightened existence is absolutely real. I cannot put in words the impact it has made on my life.