``She remembered who she was and the game changed.``

– Lalah Deliah

This is an invitation to dedicate the nine nights to the Divine feminine energy known to the ancients as Shakti.

She is the sacred force, the cosmic energy and represents the dynamic essence of all that exists and that which animates all of existence. She is the personification or conceptualization of the divine feminine creative power manifested as the female embodiment.

This journey is not about the external, rather it will allow one to explore the inner dimension. Through these nine nights we will work on awakening and invoking the elements of Shakti within ourselves such that we reconnect with the Goddess within. Together let us tap into the vastness that exists, unleash our true potential, embrace our womanhood, recognize the feminine as the source of all creation and become that manifestation of pure love.


You are divine, Your presence, your vastness, your grace. Every bit of you is the dance of bliss.



For the given nights we will explore one aspect of femininity, one dimension of your life as we move through this introspective journey. As much as it is a journey inward the expression of it will be through our interaction with the external world. The impact of this interaction brings about empowerment and compassion within and emanates as a ripple in the world around us.

In this contemporary interpretation of the Maha Navratri time, each day will be spent in invoking specific energies in preparation for the midnight ritual. The day will be filled with simple meditations, chanting, fun activities and thought experiments. The program will provide you with the simple routine to incorporate into your day to create a magical nine night experience, culminating in the tenth day as a celebration of the victory of the fierce illuminated freedom over the rigid, fearful and stagnant.


It's time to awaken to our truest potential of being a woman, there is A vast ocean of possibility in all of us. Time to take this journey and invoke these energies within and allow them to work through us.