Right now. Look. Look with complete awareness. What you are looking for, you are that already. I cannot remind you of something that cannot be forgotten. You are that.


How did it all start? The journey towards Unalome.


I cannot put this journey into a linear timeline. It just is. Several incidents in my life could be considered turning points, but certainly not starting points. The conversation that Unalome Project delves into is the fundamental existential enquiry. This conversation again has always been there, throughout human history, and will always be. I am not claiming to be saying anything original at all, anyone who has a direct perception of self will say the same thing. As Unalome Project, our attempt is only to keep this conversation alive.


What is your role in these workshops and how do you prepare for it?


There is no preparation because I am not a teacher or coach. We do cover certain subjects in the workshops, but even with those subjects I do not claim to be an expert. I only find something there that can hit you, that can shake something up in the regular thinking patterns that govern you.


My role, very simply, is to somehow convey to you that freedom is possible. And this freedom is your birthright. I do not say this from a belief, but rather a direct experience. There is no teaching here, no ideology or belief system. All we are doing is exploring and creating a space where such a direct experience is possible.


How do you feel when you witness transformation in people?


Awestruck! And absolutely humbled. Awestruck at the fact that we have stumbled upon a space where such work is possible and that people are finding themselves in total freedom with us. And humbled because it is not a product, or a technology that I own, it is for the lack of a better word, grace.


Why according to you should people sign up for these workshops?


We go through life sleepwalking, following the prescribed way of life that the society offers. But, there comes a time in everyone’s life when we notice a glitch in the matrix, so to speak. A time when you can see that something isn’t quite right. It could be a time when we are hit by tragedy, or it could be when we are confronted with how insignificant we are. And then, certain questions come up, existential questions. Is this what life is all about? What am I doing? What is the meaning of life? Who am I?

This is work we are doing at Unalome Project. I don’t claim to have answers. There are enough answers already. A whole marketplace of answers. All I can do is explore this with you. Together let us find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.